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    Datamining made easy and without risk.

    With this software you will be able to extract thousands of profile, companies, groups and university leads that might turn into what you planned with a proper strategy.

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  • We have many screencasts that will guide you through.

    We have an introduction to lead grabbing, also the linkedin automation tools like Autojoining choosen groups and emailing companies sending reports will be ready soon enough.

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  • The New Deck will make your life easier and 15 times faster than before!

    We are currently working on the version 3.0 which will include API controls over the account you specify. You will have to setup your Linkedin Developer API key and boost it with the available requests they give you on their ToS.

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v2.7 update Released! (Dec 5th 2015)

We have been working lately on having a new way of working. You will have everything we told you would have. :)

-> Email sending to extracted profile emails.
-> Add leads to database with memory of actions recorded.
-> Lead & Inner search database to process visits.
-> Mass message with custom variables and randomly your connections.
-> Store Messages sent.
-> Config.ini added with latests configuration uses.

Features to come:

We have been updating this software for about 2 years now. We have had to patch plenty of times every certain time because Linkedin Updates. Also we are increasing the state of the art of this software.

-> Email sending for companies with message spinned templates database (Quotation/Enquiries/Applications/Questions) All in many different formats to choose. ( Mass Email automation in random times. )
-> Email spinned message database for Universities (Questions/Applications/etc)
-> Mass message with custom variables and randomly your connections.
-> Add more configuration variables to be stored from previous sessions.

This program will automate the 60% 75% of your must-do daily work.

In order to push the limits for Linkedin and converting all possibilities into reality is even closer thanks to all the updates and collective knowledge from current clients. All suggestions are doing a very professional product that once some people considered it a piece of crap. Well, years of being constant in this project has got one of the best products for LION's (Warriors) on the Internet.

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Recruiters might find this tool very useful. Dont waste your time doing copy pasting jobs. Use technology for ssssbeing more productive. This is a Time-Saver module.

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You can automatically do many important tasks for your account like: Visit Profiles, Join Groups, Broadcast to Groups, Send Messages to your contacts and more..

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This analytics are based on local database after installing. How and Which profiles you have visited? Messages sent? How many reports sent to companies? Groups Joined? etc..

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Most of the Companies extracted from Linkedin has a website, this allow us to digg in to gather an email inside and send a special report with info about their domain...

We have a community support & ticket support.

People interact in forums and questions and if you want official support just contact support@marketingmall.net and it will open a ticket. Please try to send screenshots.

Our constant updates over the last 2 years support us.

People interact in forums and questions and if you want official support just contact support@marketingmall.net and it will open a ticket. Please try to send screenshots.

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Data-mining like never before:

Profiles:pic URL, Name, Last name, Position, City, Niche, Last jobs, Education, Number of connections, Email, Phones.
Companies:name, logo, Description, Address, City, State Zipcode, Country, Number of employees, Type, Niche, Year created, Website URLs, Emails.
Groups:ID, Name, logo, Number of Members, IDs Extracted from first pages of Group, Date created, Type, Join Group URL, Group URL,Emails, Phones.
Universities:EDU Name, Logo, Numbers of Alumni, Country,Follow Link, EDU Type, Date of Linkedin EDU Creation, EDU Website, EDU Phone Number, Address, Public or Private, Emails.

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Profile Visitor

This will make your exposure easier. Extract IDs from Groups from your interest and ration the visit rate time. As long as you dont abuse visiting more than 250 profiles per day This will work as a charm to boost your account! Because people you visited is eventually receiving messages and emails letting them know that a specific number of persons visited their profile. Somehow they will visit your profile.

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The Messenger Module

This module will allow us to send Spinned and Personalized Messages to your Linkedin Contacts directly. Spin your message to achieve different profiles order.

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Super UID Grabber

The famous Unique Identifier variable is being used lately on the most famous Social Networks Developer API. Specially to identify targeted audiences with an unique value. If you get this precious information, then you are able to control the API which is now our main focus. This also gives you power to laser target your PPC Campaigns.

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The Emailer

Many people wish to have this feature to get many emails from people that is willing to read what you have to say. Just be coherent and wise in the strategic way for using this.

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We have many upgrades for this new version 2.7

We changed the game, we decided to also change the name of this application because its turning in something better. LION Markter (LMP v2.7) Is now powerful in many ways. Strategy is required which we will be updatd through templates for messages that will make your operations a breeze. Ever wanted to send an email to many companies from the same niche and state in order to get, for example, a quotation on services from your company email or your personal email. This is not spamming, we have a very focused goal, thats why we dont want many people to find about this hiding in increased prices for Founder's licenses. We are algo handling 3 months license or Founders LIFETIME updates.

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You can set a spinned email text messages using custom variables from data scraped from many other sources, you can get quotes faster now.

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You will have access to many templates for using on your emails, based on spinned messages and custom variables for sending mass email campaigns.

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Analytics are important on your usage, you need to see increments on your process using this tool on your main account.

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Send relevant Reports about their websites that are generated with many useful information about SEO, Website Vulnerabilities, W3C validation, etc..


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This is a product that will pay for itself after few weeks.

This is why we are now migrating to monthly subscriptions or Lifetime membership for the price of the founders badge. This will gave you access to unlimited support and updates for this software.

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  • Access to all features of LION Mkter
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We have a wide community that post regularly questions about this.

You can have all the answers and tips to search your targets. Just launch a question in the main portal at: COMMUNITY QUESTIONS

 How can I make payment?

We are only accepting Paypal payment right now.

 Is payment recurring?

If you buy the Founders license no, but if you subscribe for monthly license you need to pay to mantain license active.

 Why is not loading?

You need to install .NET Framework 4.5, the program should install automatically but if you have a firewall turned on, most probably this program will be marked as insecure and blocked, make sure your firewall is allowing connection to the server. So those 2 things might be happening, if not, please send an email to support@marketingmall.net and it will create a ticket.

 Can I use it on a MAC?

Yes you can, but you need to download VirtualBox at: http://virtualbox.org is Free. Then install a Windows instance in order to run this on a MAC.

 What can I use this software for?

As we mentioned there are plenty of uses that we cannot explain, but we can give some ideas. Could be recruiting, getting quotations, inviting to a webinar, etc. Be creative, you have the data, you have the tools. Mix it, we created this medium of growing your network, use it wisely.

 How secure is my connection?

The program will only make connection with our server to grant access to license. It will grab data from search engines, and then visit Linkedin, afterwards it might send statistics to our server for a better reports and tracking on activities.

 Is there a trial period?

There is not a trial period but we have a 7 days money back guarantee if you didn't find any use or anything happens.

 Why I need to use it?

Windows installation, either VPS or your VirtualBox. .NET Framework 4.5 preinstalled. Then unzip all the contents into an important Folder that needs to stay on unique folder.

 Do you give refunds?

Yes, only for Founders licenses in the beginning of the 7 days. Yearly subscription in the first 5 days and quaterly doesnt have refunds. Digital Downloads are very difficult to sell. Hope you understand guys.

This is perfect for:

"Data Miners!"
"Networking Lions!"
"Any business person!"