1. Lead Deck:
  1. URL Grabber
  2. Lead Grabber
  3. CSV Export
  4. Online Network
  1. Browser Navigation:
  1. UID Grabber
  2. Profile Visitor
  3. Messenger
  4. Auto-Tools
  5. Lead DB
  6. Settings
  1. Mailer:
  1. Email Settings
  2. Email Sending Options
  3. Email DB
  1. Navigate your Database.sql
  2. Use Cases Examples
  3. TIPS
  4. Features and coming features
  1. Features
  2. Coming Features
  1. Changelog

1.- Lead Deck:

This lead deck is designed to grab profiles from external sources from different search engines, sometimes this is very precise, sometimes its more precise than the Linkedin Inner Search. Why? Because search engines base their positioning on determined results on different requests, you can segmentate also by zipcode or so. So the top results sometimes are from profiles with more connections or interactions inside linkedin or external backlinks from other sites or forums. Its a puzzle everything cause its constantly changing and do not depend from Linkedin, its an external process and this is why this software doesnt violate the Linkedin terms of usage (also the random timing simulates human behaviours).

1.a URL Grabber:

This is mainly to grab URLs from custom searches. It is important that you understand that results on your campaigns depends greatly on the target you give on this custom search.

Make sure you know you can toggle between Profile, Company, Group and University URL grabber window over here:

Type keywords:

When typing keywords you need to know that the combinations are unlimited, you can use any keywords you want, cities, states, zipcodes, etc. It will go and grab URLs that have this certain pattern.

Email pattern:

The emails field can be left alone but it wont grab emails on profiles and your campaigns for Email sending from DB will remain empty. You can select all ranges for free emails like,,, or very profesional domains like people working for,,, etc. So the possibilities here are very wide and this is a search not


This allows you to target very deep in to custom countries for each search.

Starting to Grab URLs:

While it is still saying on it will make the whole process of URL grabbing, usually it will ask for a CAPTCHA after you have grabbed many URLs. So we recommend that you can set up CAPTCHA in order to save this time.

Click on edit URLs so you can watch them and erase some or clean your list:

You can watch the grid here:

You can save URLs and Emails:

Save for later usage or for exporting URls for doing something specifics with custom codes we open for Bundle members on the community.

1.b Lead Grabber:

There are different usages for this section. Tehnically you can grab all the URLs you want from different searches. [a] The point here is grabbing the leads from those URL’s which are done in a random simulated basis to let you crawl links without problem. So you can operate like a robot processing URLs and watching and comparing data between them.

1.b.1: Click on start profiles link: This will start the process for grabbing data from the URLs grabbed.

(Each process is a simulated browser, we stopped using http requests cause they got limited and users thought it was a bug. So now we only simulate browsers.)

1.b.2: Wait:  This is a simulated software, we need to operate smoothly and keep this culture of LION’s, not abusers. So we are interested in data and operations, this software will deliver for you. It will take about 5 minutes to start showing a 10 results.

1.b.3: You can mark for later usage of that URL: We have been working with this and we are planning great things along with this feature.

1.b.4: Make sure everything has stopped: If you dont want to keep grabbing Leads from profiles then you should click on the STOP Buttons before proceeding to add to database all the leads marked.

1.b.12.- Click run: This will add leads grabbed to database and your checkbox marks from the grid. Make sure you stop the lead grabbing before clicking this.

This is all you can do with the Lead Grabber sub-module by now.

1.c CSV Export

1.d Online Network

This sections have all the links to the live community, forums, questions & answers, wiki and ticket support. You need to take in count that our official support are on which will create ticket supports so our attention and support team can answer in less than 24 hours.

We will include a chatango version of this

2.- Browser Navigation

The browser navigation tab is made for automatic different aspects of the Linkedin daily routines, so we use a browser and you need to manually login on the account you want to work on. We are working on adding multiple account manager and operate everything on scheduled actions grabbing data from programmed actions for different accounts.

2.a UID Grabber

First you need to login on Linkedin.

Then proceed to click to navigate and make your own custom search.

For doing the custom search you need to go Pro, else you can use the Lead Deck which allows you to find profiles with many other possibilities than that Inner search. Howver here are the options to filter for searches:

After you are ready just click on start scraping UIds:

Once it starts just wait till it grabs all, if the scraping process stops on less than 100 UIDs, try click again the Scrape Profiles IDs, it wont restart, it will continue grabbing from the page you are on:

After all the Profile UID process grabbing has finished, you can continue grabbing more UIDs, erasing some and later adding to the Database clicking the gree button, so you can later visit those profiles on the profile visitor.

It will restart to zero after adding properly.

2.b Profile Visitor

The profiles visitor is made to estimulate your presence on Linkedin by visiting different profiles in the same niche, location, etc you are moving on, when they visit you back you will be able to connect with them without needing any email.

You can visit Profiles from Leads Deck or UIDs you grabbed on Browser module, its you choice on the switch.

Also you can watch the Lead Deck DB to see how many leads you have in order to visit.

You will know whne you have unvisited UIDs in your Database, else check how to navigate Database from external navigator from SQL files.

The last step before click on the START VISITING PROFILES is that you need to make sure you are logged in, we said this before you proceed on Browser Navigation and we repeat it again.

All the visited profiles will be added to database so you know who you visited and exactly at what time.

2.c Messenger

The messenger module is intended so you can mass message all your 1st Level Connections in order to notify about an important event, webinar, or whatever strategy you ahve in mind.

So this is the main window:

Make sure you are logged in before clicking the Grab Contacts to Message button:

You will see how it opens a shared browser with your session and it will go grab all your connectings:

remember you can use those custom variables and spin you messages to make unique messages and test responsiveness.

You can select how many messages and if you want to randomly select UIDs or if not marked it will follow the order of grabbing which is usually by alfabet:

We are all set now that if you want to start sending message. Remember that in settings you can put random minimum and maximum seconds to simulate human behaviour:

2.d Auto-Tools

2.d.1 Export all your 1st Level Connections to a CSV to open in Excel.

2.d.2. Send connection requests to all emails you have grabbed in order to expand your network.

2.e Lead DB

You can watch Leads with Email, Messaged contacts, Visited Profiles and so on.

2.f Settings

Configure your minimum and maximum waiting seconds to appear more human, you can set long waits and leave this working the whole day to appear natural.

3.- Mailer

The Mailer is one of the top features on this software. Since its not a mass mailer, it has a random minimum and maximum seconds and also ability to use spinned messages and subjects. Also is coming soon the usage of custom variables from leads.

3.a: Configure your settings: This settings are obviously important, you cannot send emails if you dont configure with proper information. Make sure you put the same you are using on outlook.

Email user: usually is something like or i

Email password

Email server: usually is

Email SMTP port: 26, 22, many options. Make sure you are using the correct.


SMTP server settings for sending mail through Gmail from any email program are:

3.b: Prepare your Email campaign sending:  In order to do this you need to plan a very nice and strategic email, thats your part. Think about something you want to tell or ask to that group of LION’s, try to be legit and direct, do not spam some CPA offers without knowing your audience. This is for connect and network, it can open you many doors. Use it wisely.

You can create spinned messages with the following sources:

3.c: Local List Emails or Database Leads?

It is your choice, you can select what you are going to send on the first and second filter, or just at the first filter.

3.d: Stored Emails: This is the data that gets stored in the database each time the lead grabber finds a profile with email. It will get added automatically.

That window shows you the emails that have been sent. We will add more features in a future with reports and statistics. Also that you can set your emaiol here and detect when someone answers you.

Navigate your Database.sql easily

In order to easily navigate the data that this software stored inside Database.sql, you can go and Download DB Browser for SQLite, which is free.

Visit and download anything you want since you can copy and read it inside your Mac, Linux or Windows.

Once it is properly installed, open it and the main window will look like this:

Click Open Database  and explore where you have your LION Marketer (LMP) installed and select all type of files:

After you properly opened it, it will display all the tables it has inside:

Click on the Browse Data tab and then go and select the tables you want to explore.

Once you can navigate all the info, remember that you can edit it manually like an excel and have the software do many things by you. This way if you marked some profiles as false in the Lead Database, you can still go back and edit to make the True:



We added a database for leads that were found with emails. This will go to a table so you can later email them on the Mailer tab.

After you start emailing, those will be erased from that table and added to SENT emails table. That way you can keep track of all your mailing operations along history and later have statistics for this.


We made a major update and rise the price for founders license.

Use cases example:

You are Human Resources and want to grab profiles from people into different keywords. Then contact everybody and ask if they are interested on a job interview. At least 5% will answer and that’s a great conversion rate for something that its not violating Linkedin ToS.

You are a Seller and you want to talk with many companies from a specific niche, and you want to offer in a strategic way your resources. Maybe you want to grab profiles from people working on that. Lets say “Head of Purchase Deparment” + “Construction” + “California” + “San Francisco” and it will give you juicy profiles. You can play with keywords, locations, zipcodes, phone numbers lada, etc.

You are a Buyer and you want to ask for quotations for a bunch of companies in the same niche and city. You can go and grab  companies from a specific search like. Let’s say I want LED Technology for a wholesale. You will type “LED” + “Technology” + “Texas” and set if you can grab emails from that. You can play with keywords, locations, zipcodes, phone numbers lada, etc.

You are a Business planner and you are looking for specifics requirements in your business model. Examples:
If you need Community Manager close to a city, just go for “Community Manager” + “London” and type any free email. People that use their emails on their profiles is because they are looking for connections or jobs. Be precise and create your mail template. Be sure to not abuse this, since if you email 1,000 persons. If you have a 5% conversion you will be dealing with 50 requests. So make it slow and gentle. Also you can send SalesForce links if they are interested to enter and apply.

With this same model for the Community manager, you can target any job posture you are looking and quickly develop your business plan and people that will integrate it. Then meet them in real life.
. You can play with keywords, locations, zipcodes, phone numbers lada, etc.

You are a Trader: and you want to consult different prices to different companies, so you need to do benchmark about companies that sell the same service or product for doing a benchmark. Once you get to know all companies then you can select which one you are going to mass contact. You can do this manually grabbing the emails from leads.

You are an internet marketer: And you want to let know people what you do and how you can do a business relationship with them. Mainly this is what Linkedin is for, else an IM should go to Facebook to pay ads or Google Adwords. Linkedin is very expensive on ads and you can take a very strategic way of saving money and increase exposure.

You are looking for Job: You can go and find recruiters, or Human Resources Directors to present directly your CV, presentation or resume. Let them know you after you have filled all your profile and are constantly updating profile with interesting professional content.

You are a Networker:  So main intention here is participating on Groups, talking, answering comments and publishing very interesting content that engage group members. Then you can apply a UID grabber from that specific group and then proceed to try to connect with people that you have made matches on Group discussions, this will open you doors to connect without needing each other emails.

You are a specific profession: Let’s say a Doctor, and you want to promote a Forum for doctors only in from Ontario. And you want to know them all that are registered in Linkedin. You can achieve this by doing a Lead Grabbing/Data-mining and also try to find emails on their profiles. By visiting their profiles you might get noticed and visited, if they visit you back you can definitely connect with them and send a message, else sending an email to invite.


Profile Visitor:

Lead Grabber:

UID Browser Grabber:


Mass Messages:

Features and Coming features.

We have changed the way we will work now along with LION Marketer (LION = Linkedin Open Networker).

Why it is so special? Now you have memory to store all your actions within the system.

It has a Mailer, since this can be interpreted as a “spamming” tool, that is wrong. Use this wisely, don’t abuse on the minimum and maximum seconds of waiting on actions, and please try to spin all your messages and use custom variables. Yes, CUSTOM VARIABLES. You can now use them on the Mass Messaging  tool, we are adapting it to Leads scraped that have an email, so we can use custom variables of the info and direct contact profiles, companies and universities.

Obviously we rely on giving it for free to founders because they supported us before on a fixed price. For all new licenses this cost will increase to $350 USD for founders. Instead of $200 as it was costing.

Why almost the half? We want quality and not quantity of sales, since it now have the mailing tool. Which is not mass mailing, its strategic mailing.

For more information about latest update and how to use it: 


This new version and innovation for Linkedin Marketer has main functions:

Coming features

Next update:


[a]Add feature to show how many links you want to grab from top results from searches.